Photo by Traci Faust

My name is John Henry Egan

Born in Colorado 1981, raised outside of Los Angeles.


The development of my artistic perspective and process is the result of independent research, learning from the many talented artists that I have had in my life and being present in the contemporary art communities where I’ve lived. 

Head Curator/ promotions team leader for 11th ave. Gallery in Denver, CO. Feb ’08 - ’10.

Bachelors Degree in Art History from Portland State University, Portland, OR. 2014.

Artist Statement:

The theme of my painting process has been based on the construction of us as human beings and how experience forms us. There are many seasons that shape the person that we are. In that process there is so much built into each separate layer, only to be broken down over time. Yet we keep certain aspects of those different times, for they make up who we are in response. In a spiritual pursuit in life some things remain with us as reminders, while others must depart for us to move forward in our objective. In life there is a creator, or God, (in my personal beliefs) who is shaping and molding us until the end of our lives. In art, it is the artist who is adding and shedding aspects to bring the conclusion to their art pieces. Although there is a theme for me personally embedded in the work, it is not brought across bluntly and interpretation should not be limited to my personal view. My Paintings are not necessarily a direct reference to any specific subject matter. They are left open ended. Their titles have little bearing on the paintings themselves and were only given to distinguish them when speaking with people. Regarding my creation process, I tend to work intuitively in order to allow room for my subconscious thoughts to manifest themselves visually and to reach conclusions that I would not have naturally arrived at.

Solo Exhibitions:
2007 – Le Pave D’Orsay – Paris, France – 22nd June - 4th July 2007
2007 – Installation for Void Avoidance Event – The Glasgow Art School, Glasgow, Scotland – 20th July 2007
2008 – 11th ave. gallery – Denver, CO – 2nd May - 30th May 2008
2011 – Red e Cafe – Portland, OR – 1st April - 4th May 2011
2012 – Olympic Mills Commerce Center – Portland, OR – 1st August – 30th September 2012.
Group Exibitions:
2008 – “Pain Things” Group Show – Rhinosoropolis Gallery – Denver, CO – 1st August 2008
2009 – “EL MEREZER” Shared with Maria Michelle Gonzalez – 11th ave. gallery – Denver, CO – 3rd July - 31st 2009

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